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What is Bid for Upgrade?

Bid for Upgrade offers you the opportunity to bid for an upgrade to the BEST or BIZclass fare at a great price that suits your budget.

The service is subject to availability and bids can be submitted until approximately 73 hours before departure. After the deadline passes, you can no longer bid.

If you receive an upgrade, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Improved seating
  • Increased checked luggage allowance
  • Generous hand luggage allowance
  • Significantly improved in-flight service with menu service
  • Lounge and fast lane access (as available)

See the Bid for Upgrade to review available benefits by route and fare and check your eligibility.

When is Bid for Upgrade offered?

Bid for Upgrade is only available if:

  • You are a passenger with a the prior purchase of a ticket in the BASIC, SMART or BEST fare for a direct flight on a Eurowings route
  • There are available BEST or BIZclass seats which Eurowings has deemed eligible for Upgrade
  • There are more than 73 hours remaining until the departure of your flight
  • Please note, Eurowings retains the sole discretion to decide which flights, bookings and passengers are eligible for Bid for Upgrade.

Note: For technical and legal reasons, it is unfortunately no longer possible to submit an upgrade bid for group bookings, for bookings made through other airlines or for bookings made on behalf of unaccompanied minors.

Please note: A bid can only be considered if you have not yet checked into your flight.

How does Bid for Upgrade work? How do I make a bid?
  1. Log in to with your name and booking reference, and select the flight for which you would like to submit a bid for an upgrade. This service is only available online; it is not possible to submit a bid by telephone.
  2. Depending on the flight operated and your current fare, you may be offered an upgrade to BEST or BIZclass. Only 1 upgrade option per flight may be selected. An upgrade bid can only be submitted SEPARATELY for each leg (for example, a flight from Cologne to Berlin = first leg, return from Berlin to Cologne = second leg) and for all passengers in a booking. If your bid for an outgoing flight is accepted, there is no guarantee that your bid for the return flight will also be accepted.
  3. After entering your credit card information and confirming the terms of participation, you can submit your bid. The credit card information is only used to confirm your bid – your credit card is only charged once your bid is accepted and an upgrade has been made.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your bid by email or SMS. It may take up to four hours to send an email. Please also check your spam folder. As a rule, all communication about your bid will be sent by email. If you would also like to receive an alert by SMS, please be sure to indicate your mobile number when submitting your bid.
  5. If your upgrade bid is accepted, you will be informed by email and/or SMS 73 hours before your scheduled departure. In such cases, the bid amount will be charged to your credit card, and your booking will be changed to the upgraded fare.
What is the cost of Bid for Upgrade?

You can Upgrade at a price that suits you. The cost of the service is the amount you define when making the bid and is charged on top of an already purchased booking (no additional fees apply).

If a booking includes several passengers, your upgrade bid applies to each person for all passengers in the booking (for example, in the case of 3 passengers in one booking and a bid of 50 euros for the BIZclass upgrade for the outgoing leg: 3 x €50 = €150).

A minimum price may apply depending on route and availability. This will be shown during the bid process.

We do not charge any booking or registration fees for placing an upgrade bid.

Eurowings retains sole discretion to set or adjust the minimum price whenever it deems it appropriate.

What are the Terms and Conditions when using Bid for Upgrade?

You can review the specific Bid for Upgrade Up Terms & Conditions here. Note that these form part of Eurowings General Conditions of Carriage.)

What's the difference between a standard BEST or BIZclass booking and the Bid for Upgrade service?

Unlike fixed-price upgrades (made through our call centre, onboard or at the check-in desk), Bid for Upgrade bids are not confirmed at the time of submission and are subject to availability.

Once you have booked your flight, you can use Bid for Upgrade at your convenience on or via the Manage Booking/Mein Flug. If your bid is accepted, you can enjoy the full upgrade experience.

If your bid is not accepted, you will not be charged and will fly in the class originally booked.

The upgrade represents a higher-quality service class and the terms of your original booking class remain. In other words, the fare conditions for your originally booked ticket in the originally booked fare, the cancellation conditions, booking change fees and mileage credit will remain unchanged. All services that you booked will remain within the same scope.

Accepted upgrade bids are not transferable, not eligible for reimbursement and apply only to the flight indicated and the stated date. This is also the case if you originally booked a SMART-FLEX or BEST-FLEX fare.

You will receive Boomerang Club or Miles & More miles according to the booking class that you originally booked.


How can I change or cancel my Bid for Upgrade bid at Eurowings?

You can change or cancel your bid free of charge up to 73 hours before departure by clicking on the Edit link included in the email confirming your bid. Alternatively, you can access the “Bid for Upgrade” page by going to “My Flight”/”My Eurowings” at Here you can also view the status of your bid.

How does the Bid for Upgrade payment process work and what payment options are available for my Bid for Upgrade bid at Eurowings?

You need a valid credit card to participate in Bid for Upgrade. No additional costs are incurred for payments made via credit card. It is not possible to redeem miles.

You will only pay for the upgrade if your bid is accepted. During the selection process we may check your credit card coverage and authorise your credit card for the appropriate amount, but this does not guarantee that you will receive the upgrade. Your card will only be charged once your upgrade is confirmed. You will receive a payment notification 73 hours before the scheduled departure time.

If you do not receive an upgrade, you will not receive any notification and your credit card will not be charged.

You cannot pay for the upgrade with two different credit cards. Payment can be made only in one transaction and with one credit card.

Please note: The amount of your bid includes all taxes due or payable in advance, as well as all fees for the relevant upgrade. You may incur foreign-currency fees if you pay for your bid in a currency that does not match the currency of your credit card account.

Bids for an upgrade can only be paid in the currency in which you paid for your original booking.

Whether and in what amount you will incur additional costs depends on the conditions of your credit card agreement. The bank issuing the credit card can give you more information about this.

Note: Before submitting your bid, please check your payment details carefully. Payment details can no longer be corrected or changed after the bid is submitted. A bid submitted with incorrect payment information will automatically be invalidated and thus will not be considered.

Why are Bid for Upgrade bids not guaranteed? According to what criteria does Eurowings rate my bid?

We take various criteria into consideration in rating the upgrade bids, including the amount of your bid and those of the other bids, the number of seats available in the upgrade fare category and the number of passengers in the booking. After we have completed our rating, we will notify you by email and/or SMS if your upgrade bid has been accepted. If your bid is not accepted, we cannot offer an explanation, as numerous factors go into the selection process.

To increase your chance of getting an upgrade, you should indicate the highest possible amount that you are willing to pay right from the start. If your bid has not been accepted, you cannot submit a new bid.

If my Bid for Upgrade is accepted, will my complete travel party be upgraded?

An upgrade bid may only be submitted for all passengers in the booking. If your booking includes several passengers, your upgrade bid applies to each person for all passengers in the booking.

When will I know if my Bid for Upgrade bid is accepted or declined?

You will be notified by email and/or SMS at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

What happens if I change or cancel my Eurowings booking?

An accepted Bid for Upgrade cannot be refunded and applies only to the flight for which you originally placed the bid. If you would like to change your booking anyway, we cannot guarantee that a seat in the upgraded fare will be available, and your entitlement to an upgrade will lapse.

If you cancel your ticket, the amount you paid for the upgrade will be forfeit regardless of the cancellation rules applicable to the ticket. Remember, you can cancel your Bid for Upgrade bid up to 73 hours before departure.

What happens to my Eurowings Bid for Upgrade upgrade if I miss my flight or my flight booking is changed due to flight irregularities?

If you miss a flight due to your own fault, your entitlement to the Bid for Upgrade upgrade will lapse and your upgrade payment will not be reimbursable.

If flight irregularities occur on Eurowings and your booking is changed to an alternative flight, you are still fully entitled to a seat in the upgraded seat area after you have received an upgrade. If there is not enough seating in the appropriate area or you are asked to travel in another aircraft that is not equipped with the appropriate area, you are entitled to a reimbursement of the amount paid for the upgrade.

For more information about this, please contact our call centre on +49 (0)221 – 59988222 (German fixed-line network: €0.20 per call – German mobile phone network, max. €0.60 per call) or by email at